Wednesday, November 2, 2011

“I’m Married!....Just Kidding, Just Kidding, Just Kidding!”

…..that is what I imagine Kim Kardashian is saying to her sisters right now as they laugh and laugh and rifle through overpriced Prada and Gucci that no normal human can afford without the assistance of a reality show. No, I am not exactly colored surprised by this turn of events. I mean, they got married on TV, for Oprah’s sake! It is the equivalent of watching the Bachelor, but with less hair pulling. So let’s not act all shocked that 72 days later, she is rushing back to the single’s bar.  But I am shocked by the mockery this has made of this sacred institution.  

So why bother to write about it? Well, because this is a wedding blog, and I write to help ease some of the torture of planning for that big day, or at least amuse, so that every bride can have the most special day possible. I feel really passionate about this, and the sanctity of marriage, because my special day was almost ruined. But that is another story. What we are talking about today is Miss K’s total disregard for this institution. I feel like a lot of women, such as myself, have taken this personally. The flippant disregard that she seems to have taken for a day that many people worked so hard to manifest, is nothing short of selfish.

No, marriages do not always work and I do not think that someone should stay in an unhealthy marriage because people expect them to. But I do think it takes longer than 72 days to find all that out. 72 days after my husband and I got married we were still gushing over wedding pictures and talking about our honeymoon. Hell, we were doing that 6 months afterwards! And I daresay that the reality stars do not have to worry about the things that normal brides do, like finances and their careers and family. All these things really don’t become a reality until after the honeymoon…….and I don’t mean the trip you take, either!

Marriage is a sacred institution that should not be taken lightly. It is not about big dresses and fancy food, it is about making the decision to share your life and your family, with another person.  It is about loving that person more than yourself. I think if Kim and Kris really felt committed to doing those things, it would take a lot longer than 72 days to figure out that they are not capable of them. Now, let’s turn off that reality TV and get back to planning celebrations for real love stories, shall we?  

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