Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cold Feet or Cement Boots

Weddings are fun and exciting, especially for the bride and groom, but don't forget to stop and take a few minutes here and there with your fiance to reflect on the commitment you are making to one another.  For your own reasons, you've decided to make a lawful and in some cases, religious vow to be committed to one another for life. For that reason, you should really step back from the frenzy of wedding plans to ask yourself, and your fiance, what that means to you.

Things of global importance tend to be religion, politics and family planning. Weigh out how important these issues are to your partner and discuss them if you haven't already. I am constantly surprised by people that say they never discussed these issues prior to the aisle walk, and now are in a marriage that has some unresolved issues. Aside from the Big Three, also discuss any other concerns or needs that you have, no matter how small. Your partner rarely can infer everything about your expectations of them through actions. Sometimes you need to just say 'I don't want to move around at all' or 'I intend to keep my job and maybe start a new business while we are raising a family'.  I once dated a guy for years, and when the time came to talk about the future, he informed me that he expected me to support him through medical school and then stay home and raise our children. It was a huge shocker and ultimately ended our relationship.

So clear the air and find out where both of you stand on the issues, even if the only one to discuss is what part of the bottle to squeeze the tooth paste from. These kind of discussions will make you feel closer and more secure as you head towards your big day. Everyone gets a few jitters on their wedding day, but let them be about your future mother-in-law wearing white, or best man getting a stomach virus instead.

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