Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Sound of Music

I can't believe I haven't written about music yet. This is wicked important at your wedding, no joke. Whether you are having a small formal affair or a huge blowout, you are going to need some music. But seriously, who has the time for scoring the interweb and begging friends for info on wedding bands? And then when you find a resource, how do you efficiently and effectively communicate what you want and your budget? Now, I personally have an 'in' into the music industry, so I will give you some helpful tips to make this process go quickly and painlessly while still getting exactly what you want:

1. Decide on live band or dj or both:  Once you decide on a DJ or a band, you can yes, google 'wedding DJs' and find a plethora in your area. Same for bands. There are a handful of reputable sites, like Gigmasters, where you can find quality musicians.

2. Pick your genre of music:  Ok, so you want a live band. Now you need to know exactly what type of music you want. If you want all country music, then search only for bands that specialize in country music.  Rock, standards, covers, etc.

3. Know your budget:  You have decided on a country western band to play during your reception, awesome. Before you contact The Honky Tonky Hoedown Quartet, you should know firmly what you can spend. Provide this information first. Most bands can find ways to work within your budget, depending on your needs.

4.  Provide timeframes and particulars:  You can spend $3400 on your band, great.  But now you need to tell them for how long. Oh, and Uncle Andy wants to give a speech after the first dance? Ok, tell the band that. Special requests? yeah, they need to know that too. Any details needed to be included in your proposal. Remember, it's your wedding, but this is their job, so they are operating on a clock and only with the information you give them to do their job.

So what if you don't know what kind of music you want? Well, most times bands will have websites and you can listen or see some of their music to get a feel for them. Shameless plug:  My husband sings for a wonderful 16 piece Big Band called the Vendetta Big Band that plays all around town and various parts of the great state of Texas. They like other musicians, use several online resources to get their music out their for brides and people planning events. They often have sets designed for occassions such as weddings, but always cater to individuals and will customize depending on your needs. Remember, this part should be fun, but more importantly, quick and easy.  Know what you need before contacting anyone and it will make both your lives easier!  If you would like more information and resources for contacting and engaging wedding bands for your special day, feel free to ask in the comments section. Happy Planning!

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