Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

Weeeeellll, HELLO stranger!  I know, I know, look at the date on this blog? It's like returning a call to my mother; I mean well, but the time gets away from me.  Well, I'm back from a short hiatus that was well spent getting on track at work, starting a new business AAAAANNND...getting pregnant! So now there is going to be a little Shameless Bride Baby!  In the spirit of pregnancy and all the joys that come along with it, I thought I would discuss the wedding cake.

Now, again, this is one of those touchy issues that always set off some forward thinking brides. Some brides don't like wedding cake, and some quirky brides want something different and trendy. My response to those gals is - do it anyway. Why? Because guests expect wedding cake, that's why. Now, I have been to some very lovely weddings without cakes, and they compensated for the lack of cake with delicious desserts.  But part of me really wanted a piece of wedding cake. Something about the ritual of cutting this towering confection and sharing pieces with every guest is sacred to me. It is the one collective action of all your guests at a wedding, and for me, the wedding cake is what made our marriage official.

Okay, so now that I have talked you into spending an enormous amount of dough (heh heh) on a huge sugary cake that you will take home in droves (delicious, sweet, sticky droves), let's talk flavors. White on white. Nice. I like a good traditional white cake with royal icing. Better? try a different flavor on each layer.  Or different icing or filling. What is your hubby's favorite flavor? Try to marry his with yours. It is amazing what pastry chefs are doing these days, so I bet whatever you come up with, they can do it. I went traditional white, strawberry, chocolate. But wait, it gets better. White icing with the white cake, raspberry cream and raspberry jam layers for the strawberry (ohmigodsogood) and coffee buttercream for the chocolate. The top of the cake is the chocolate layer, which I cannot wait to open on our 1st anniversary! And I'll be darned if it is ruined, I will call the bakery and have another one made! I WILL have my wedding cake for my anniversary!

And how do you decorate it? Well, anyway you like, silly. This is this the fun part, and the only thing I regret is going so classic with my design and not having a little more fun with it. Add some color, have different sized and shaped layers, but tiny Day of the Dead skeletons as cake toppers, go crazy! This is one aspect of the design process you don't want to miss.  Because it will define your wedding in a lot of ways and oh what a sweet sweet payoff.

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