Friday, May 13, 2011

‘I do do’

It’s Friday!  Or, Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday, to quote Ms. Rebecca Black. Since it’s the weekend, let’s talk about weird wedding trends.  Or just one:  the bridal diaper.  I just am not sure what to make of these.  I mean, I get it, when I get nervous I always need to go, but is this really necessary?  I mean, it isn’t like you are going to chase your groom from Houston to Orlando in your SUV.  Seriously, how long does a ceremony have to last to constitute wearing a diaper?  

Apparently, some gals are doing it. I am not sure I would recommend it, outside of a medical condition, but I guess if you’ve gotta go, you gotta go.  I just would think twice about the potential chaffing and swishing noises it might make.  It can get real quite up at that alter.  So perhaps if a bridal diaper is on your to ‘do’ list when planning for your wedding, you will keep these things in mind.  Maybe prepare to go before you corset up that giant tulle confection.  But if you have awesome bridesmaids, I am sure they will help you, ahem, take care of business before you make your way down that aisle, so fresh and so clean, minus the baby attire. 

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

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