Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OHMIGOSH You Are Getting Married!

So he FINALLY proposed!  I mean, you hinted about it every time you walked past a jewelry store, or talked to his family or friends, or even when you went to buy groceries. Or maybe it was the bridal magazine collection you started, the HIS and HER towels you began to monogram or the preemptive dress fittings you had scheduled...just me?  Well, whatever the case, you got him and now you guys are gonna get married!  Hooray! So now what?  Well, now everyone starts telling you what to do. Your parents will, your friends will, your coworkers will, anybody that you tell probably will.  The first thing to remember:  they are all almost as excited as you are.  If one of those people is your mother, she is MORE excited than you are.  So take it easy and try not to freak out on them.  This is a good time to assess what really matters to you about your wedding.  Mine was cake.  I'll tell you more about that later, but figure out what your wedding 'favorite' is.  It's likely your dress or the music or the food.  Or maybe it is a detail, like your grandmother's necklace, or the gold embossed place settings. Whatever it is, decide what you want before anyone starts weighing in. Because they will.  When they do, you can offer up compromises to the things that you feel indifferent or at least less strongly about.  Plus, it just saves time.  Now that you know what your favorite is, relax, call some more girlfriends and go get martinis with your friends and your soon-to-be hubby!

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