Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reception vs. Children’s Party

              So you and your man are tying the knot in front of your friends and family, whoa.  That is some heavy stuff.  Seriously, you need to de-stress after all that heavy ‘til death do us part’ talk. That is why God created receptions, aka the Party.  Awesome.  And it is your party and you can have whatever you want! Within budget, of course. But the line between your My Little Pony Party in 2nd grade and your wedding reception needs to be drawn beforehand.
               I know, I know, you love neon green and pink, and polka dots have been quite the rage for a few seasons. But there is a tasteful way to add in your personal style without turning your wedding reception into a circus. Remember, you are going to look back at your pictures from this day, and it is highly likely you will have lost your appreciation for the donkey rides and piñatas that were key elements of your reception. 

                Make these elements part of the ‘accessories’ of your wedding. Instead of fuchsia bridesmaids dresses, try a modest black or cream with a sash or piping. Better yet, an underlay that pokes out a shock of fuchsia. This is refined and trendy at the same time. You want hamburgers and hot dogs? How about miniature ones! The condiments can be placed and delicate crystal or silver dishes. This was also very trendy this last season. And you guys are going to hate me for this one, but ease up on the candy bar. It is overly trendy right now, and I feel that this fad is fast approaching its death. Big cakes are on their way back, and there is plenty of room to get all of the Rainbow Brite colors on it that you desire.

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